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Yin Yoga TT 2016

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We are super thankful once again. We wish you and your loved ones a very special and happy Thanksgiving! Please watch our video starring some of your favorite people:

Kim Copeland, PFY Teacher
Josh Ehlin, PFY Teacher
Kimie Mittman, PFY Clifton Manager and Teacher
Anthony, Yogi
Kelly Briggs, PFY Teacher
Kristen Brunello, PFY...

Our PFY Teacher Training is complete for this year, and we're really proud of our graduates. In this video, our three intrepid TTs--Caityn, Casandra and Stefanie--tell you what training was really like! Many congrats to all of our TTs. Check out Caitlyn! She's teaching the community class this...

Raghunath's bhakti workshop was the best yesterday in Morristown! Everyone in the sold out room was singing, smiling and attempting handstands. Raghunath's style is to inspire you off the mat and encourage you to be courageous on the mat. He always brings an incredible amount of wisdom and also a strong flow that will make your...

open your heart
and experience the flow

Powerflow’s mission is to create a safe, peaceful and comfortable environment where yoga is accessible and practiced as a way of life. We are dedicated to guiding and inspiring each practitioner through their own personal journey while enhancing their quality of life. We are inspired by a variety of yoga styles which we incorporate into a heated vinyasa flow. This vigorous and powerful practice offers deep healing for Mind, Body & Spirit plus infinite other benefits that you can read about on our Yoga 101 page.

Visit the class schedule for each of our locations, and explore our yoga studio website. Explore our yoga studio website, which includes upcoming events, class descriptions, yoga Teacher Training, how to prepare for your first class, yoga workshops and much more. Our hot yoga classes are open to all levels, from beginners to advanced students. Each student moves through their practice at their own pace under the guidance of highly qualified, certified teachers who teach in the Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Baptiste and Anusara traditions.

Our conveniently located yoga studios in Northern NJ offer showers and changing rooms with an assortment of toiletries for your convenience, in addition to the top yoga training in New Jersey.

See you on the mat!

 “I got addicted half way into my first class, just as the receptionist predicted....My body worked so hard during that hour and 15 minutes and when I was finished, I was the most relaxed I’d been in weeks.” 


“I absolutely love love love all of your teachers and classes. The vibe and energy are uplifting and motivating; when I leave class, I feel light and blissful and well worked! The classes are creative, challenging, and always changing.”